Radix Inu

Radix Inu

The First Charity DAO on the Radix Network... and more.

Radix Inu is the first Charity token on the Radix network with DAO and Deflationary capabilities fully baked into its code.

Welcome to the
Radix Inu

Radix Inu will do things in a revolutionary way. 

With a total supply of 1 quadrillion $INU, Radix Inu is the first deflationary token on the Radix network.

It combines proven concepts of the crypto industry and takes them to a new level using the technology of the Radix network.

Our biggest goal is to provide increased value to each and every one of our token holders and together contribute to the collective good. This is the way.

What is Radix Inu?

Radix Inu is a project that lives and resides on the long-gestated but recently launched Radix network, which could soon be the new backbone of the global crypto and DeFi industry. 

$INU rides and resides on an exciting new frontier on the cutting edge of the rapidly-swelling wave of a technological revolution in preparation since the time of Bitcoin and Ethereum: Radix. 

Don’t miss out.

We will keep the information on this website up-to-date, but as with all things crypto, the wild west of the modern world, we need to adapt on a daily basis, and as such, the information above may – and will – change as needed.

The Radix Army needs you. 

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Quick start guide - How can I get $INU?

Radix Inu tokens are readily available on several existing DEXes on the Radix Network - some are listed below. Please be sure to read their instructions: these DEX services are not affiliated to Radix Inu.


Pick a wallet!

Install the Radix Desktop Wallet and create your first Radix address: the digital key to your future financial independence.

Alternatively, you can also install and use the following browser-based wallets, but please be informed they are still in Beta Version and as such, use them at your own risk. Be sure to read the information on their sites to inform yourself of the risks involved in their use.


Swap it for some $INU.

Last but not least?

Pick a CEX/DEX from the list above and head there to swap some radical $XRD for some sweet, charitable $INU.


Burn Wallet

40% of all Radix Inu tokens will be Non-Circulating: they will be locked and burned over the long term by the smart contract within the Radix INU dApp.
These $INU have NO DAO Voting Rights and are for deflationary burn purposes only.

Circulating Supply

30% of the total supply: the $INU currently in people's wallets.
Currently residing across thousands of wallets on the Radix Mainnet.
Holding $INU tokens in a wallet gives the wallet owner Full DAO Voting Rights for those $INU.


15% of the total supply will be locked and donated to charities and charity events
These $INU tokens will have no DAO Voting Rights until they are donated and unlocked.


5% of the total supply will be used for marketing purposes.
These $INU tokens will have no DAO Voting Rights until they are distributed.

Liquidity Reserve 

5% of the total supply will go to our liquidity Reserve: for the various DEXes and CEXes.
These $INU tokens have no DAO Voting Rights.

Development Reserve 

5% of the total supply will go to our founders retention & development reserve.
These $INU tokens have No DAO Voting Rights until they are distributed.

Welcome to Radix Inu. Take-off is imminent.