Radix Inu

Radix Inu

The First Deflationary Charity DAO on the Radix Network

Radix Inu is the first deflationary token on the Radix network with DAO and Charity capabilities fully baked into its code ecosystem.

Welcome to the
Radix Inu

Radix Inu will do things in a revolutionary way. 

With a total supply of 1 quadrillion $INU, Radix Inu is the first deflationary token on the Radix network.

It combines proven concepts of the crypto industry and takes them to a new level using the technology of the Radix network.

Our biggest goal is to provide increased value to each and every one of our token holders and together contribute to the collective good. This is the way.

What is Radix Inu

Radix Inu is a project that lives and resides on the long-gestated but recently launched Radix network, which may soon be the new backbone of the global crypto and DeFi industry. 

$INU is an experiment in the exciting new frontier that is riding on the cutting edge of the rapidly-swelling wave of the latest crypto technological revolution since Bitcoin and Ethereum: Radix. 

Don’t miss out.

We will keep the information on this website up-to-date, but as with all things crypto, the wild west of the modern world, we need to adapt on a daily basis, and as such, the information above may – and will – change as needed.

The Radix Army needs you. 

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ITO Ends In

Token Sale started on Dec 31st, 2021



Initial Token Sale

30% of the total supply - representing 50% of the Total Circulating Supply - will be sold at the ITO from December 28th, 2021 to April, 17th, 2022
Full DAO Voting Rights

Burn Wallet

40% of all Radix Inu tokens will Non-Circulating, i.e. locked and burned over the long term
No DAO Voting Rights


15% of the total supply will be locked and donated to charities and charity events
No DAO Voting Rights until donated


5% of the total supply will be used for marketing purposes
No DAO Voting Rights until distributed

Liquidity Reserve 

5% of the total supply will go to our liquidity Reserve
No DAO Voting Rights

Development Reserve 

5% of the total supply will go to our founders retention & development reserve
No DAO Voting Rights until distributed

Quick start guide

Radix Inu is launched in a fair launch model. The ITO reserve will be divided among all seed round participants based on the size of their allocations relative to all other participants. It is possible to participate multiple times, even with the same address.
You can participate by sending XRD to the Address listed here:

The ITO has ended. The address has been removed to avoid further transactions to the ITO wallet.


Get your XRD wallet ready

Install the Radix Desktop Wallet and create your first Radix address: the digital key to your future financial independence.


Fund your wallet

Click here for a comprehensive guide to buying Radix with old-world fiat monopoly money on a CEX - Centralized Exchange - then getting it out of there to your Desktop Wallet to start your DeFi jorney. Be your own banker.


You're almost ready.

We know, 3 steps is a lot. We agree. The final step is to send your desired amount of XRD to our collection wallet to our collection wallet (the address listed above) to participate in our fair launch. You can learn more about or fair launch model here.

Welcome to Radix Inu.

You will receive your Inu tokens on the 17th of April, 2022.