Radix Inu

Radix Inu

It's the Radix Inu Vaporwave Moon

Our ITO is just a few days away!

Click above to find out how to participate.

To celebrate the amazing community that has joined us so far on our little corner of Radix Island, we’d like to thank all of you with some crunchy Inu treats! Woof!

Here’s how to get them:

  1. FOLLOW the Radix Inu Twitter account, and LIKE and RETWEET this tweet:



  2. Take a .JPG screenshot of your retweet and upload it to the form below (your RT screenshot – not our original tweet!)

  3. Note: One (1) entry per human only. Bots are kindly requested by management to be kept outside the establishment at all times and will be removed when necessary. Thank you for your woofderstanding.

500 billion $INU – more than twice what was up for grabs just last week – will be shared by all those participating in this airdrop, lasting 5 days from the time of the original tweet.


135K Milestone Airdrop

Retweet Upload Form

This part of the airdrop competition is now closed for submissions.

Welcome to Radix Inu.

Stay tuned for a whole woof more.