Radix Inu

Radix Inu

Babylon Memefest

Week 1

50 billion $INU to be shared!

Inu Dawg is about to split 50 billion $INU between the participants of this giveaway – with more to come in the coming weeks, in celebration of Radix’s Babylon upgrade that should hit the mainnet in less than 60 days!  

How to participate:

  1. Make a Meme using any available online Meme or AI graphics tools to create an image illustrating the following theme:
    “What has Radix Inu been doing during the crypto winter?”
  2. FOLLOW the Radix Inu Twitter account:
  3. JOIN the Radix Inu Telegram Group:
  4. LIKE and RETWEET this tweet:

    Radix Inu Tweet

  5. Take a screenshot of (1) your Retweet, (2) your joining the Telegram Group and (3) your Meme – and UPLOAD them to the form below.

    Note: One (1) entry per human only!

    Bots and Airdrop Farmers are kindly requested by management to be kept outside the establishment at all times and will be removed when necessary and at our sole discretion in the case of disputes.

    Thank you for your woofderstanding.

50 billion $INU will be shared by all those participating in this airdrop, lasting 7 days – 168 hours – roughly 296 epochs – from the time of the original tweet.l


Giveaway Upload Form

This event is now closed. More to come soon, stay tuned on our Telegram Channel: Radix Inu on Telegram

Welcome to Radix Inu.

Stay tuned for a whole woof more.