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Radix Inu

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75K Milestone Airdrop

Who said you can’t get something for nothing?

It wasn’t the Radix Inu Dawg! Get yourself something for nothing in 3 easy steps:

  1. FOLLOW the Radix Inu Twitter account, and LIKE and RETWEET this tweet:


  2. Take a .JPG screenshot of your RETWEET and upload it to the form below with the LINK to it (your RT – NOT our tweet!)

  3. One entry per person only. Woof bots are kindly requested by management to be kept  outside the establishment at all times. Thanks for your woofderstanding.

  4. When you’re done, don’t forget to vote for the Sticker Competition from our last Woof Wednesday, for an EXTRA reward to be announced AFTER the voting is over – head right here to do that when you’re ready: 



200 billion $INU will be shared by all those participating in this airdrop, lasting 3 days – 72 hours – from the time of the original tweet.


Retweet Upload Form

This part of the airdrop competition is now closed for submissions.

Welcome to Radix Inu.

Stay Tuned for Even More.