Radix Inu

Radix Inu

Welcome to Woof Wednesday 2!

50 billion tokens – 50,000,000,000 $INU – will be shared equally by all participants submitting their entry by Wednesday, January 26, 2022, 17:59 UTC.

25 billion more $INU will be split between any one person or group of people who guess the right combination of results obtained at the end of the competition.

Last but not least, the poets amongst us can upload their poem for a poetry competition. The community will vote for 1 week after the entry deadline above, with 1 vote per person, entrants cannot vote for their own poem. 1st prize wins 10 billion $INU; 2nd prize will receive 7 billion $INU; 3rd prize will receive 3 billion $INU.

Woof Wednesdays 2 Airdrop Competition Instructions:


Which are your Favorite Radix Projects?

Follow our Twitter account, and Like and "Quote Retweet" this tweet: https://twitter.com/Radix_Inu/status/1483828201386295299?s=20.

When you Quote Retweet, tag your 6 (six) favorite Radix Projects, in order of "most favorite" to "least favorite". If your favorite project is NOT on the list below, just hashtag their Radix Symbol that is listed here: https://www.radixscan.io/TokenTable.shtml and put that into the "other" field in the submission form right here:

This airdrop competition is now closed for submissions.

Press "submit" to share in the 50 billion $INU shared by all participants who get this far... but there's more!

Please note there is ONE entry allowed per PERSON for this part of Woof Wednesday 2; anyone caught cheating will be disqualified from this event's rewards, and banned from further participation in Woof Wednesdays events.


Get some more $INU if your guess is the community's guess.

When part 1 of the competition is over, we will count up everyone's votes, and obtain the "Official Average Community Vote" for the 6 favorite projects. Whoever has guessed that same combination of Radix Projects in the same order, will share an extra 10 billion $INU. If no-one gets the 6 right, somehow, then the 10 billion is shared between all those who got the 5 first predictions right - and so on. Turtles all the way down.


Here's where it gets fun!

Write any kind of poem - prose, rhyming or Haiku, or any other type - as long as it's about Radix and/or about Radix Inu, and using the many crypto terms that are found on our page and whitepaper - and Radix's - for inspiration, as well as whatever and everything else that may possibly inspire you!

Think outside the box - that's what Radix is for!

YOU CAN ENTER AS MANY POEM ENTRIES AS YOU WISH. Entrants can't vote for their own entry. There will be only one vote per person, and each winner can only win ONCE, i.e. there are 3 prizes: 10 billion $INU for 1st Prize, 7 billion $INU for 2nd Prize, and 3 billion $INU for 3rd Prize - and they will be won by 3 different people.

To help along with the Poetry Competition, I put together a few links that may help those of us who tend to get a severe case of Writer's Block under pressure - that blank space that you can't put words into, even though your brain is chock full of them!

This airdrop competition is now closed for submissions.

  1. Poet: Anonymous Radix Poet

  2. Roses are red
    Violets are blue,
    Sugar is sweet
    I fuckin love Radix.

  3. Poet: WolfofRadix

  4. Radix Inu here at last

    Hodl for the long term and riches to be had

    Defi the future - paper money the past

    Radix Inu Radix Inu Radix Inu at last

  5. Poet: Colors of Radix

  6. Ociswap are red

    Scorpions are blue

    I can't be rich

    Without Radix Inu

  7. Poet: Vlado

  8. Get Radix Inu
    lest you regret it later.
    Do it for the memes!

  9. Poet: Radix Whitman

  10. The Developer and the Marketer

    See the trilemma of the developer,
    I think he's angry at the fuss.

    He finds it hard to see Cerberus,
    Overshadowed by the interoperability gera.

    Who is that running near the fox?
    I think she'd like to eat the hawk.

    She is but a revolutionary marketer,
    Admired as she sits upon her roadmap.

    Her scalability and composabilty is the trick,
    It needs no gas, it runs on its own.

    She's not alone she brings a cat,
    a pet cheetah, and lots of bat.

    The cheetah likes to chase a car,
    Especially one that's slow by far.

    The developer shudders at the fast network
    He wants to leave but she wants It to work.


  11. Poet: Simply

  12. want to love this Radix Inu simply with words that can't be spoken wood to the fire that turns it to ashes

  13. Poet: Anonymous Radix Poet

  14. Roses are red
    Violets are Blue
    Other meme coins think their hot
    Til Radix Inu marks its spot

  15. Poet: Anonymous Radix Poet

  16. Rare happening

    All you need to catch

    Determine your choice

    Incubes will done soon

    X is launching very soon

  17. Poet: @benspillthe

  18. Nft's are red, crypto is blue, Radix will pop off & inu too 😉

  19. Poet: All_RADIX

  20. The true art of giving #Charity is also to give something they cannot buy. like; Joy, Time, Laughter, Trust, Memories, Peace, Faith, Harmony, Heart warmth, Kisses, Balance, Hugs, Love, Friendship, Family, Attention, Tolerance, Respect and Hope!


  21. Poet: All_RADIX

  22. Radix_Inu lives a life, as it should be. Introduced with moments of an enjoyment campaign, with no sadness and pain.

    Radix_inu lives a life, where he can show himself.  
    No masks and on the Radix bookshelf.

    Radix_inu lives a life again, and lets go of his past.
    Wants to live now for CHARITY, for future and circularity!

    Dedicated to Radix Inu community 


  23. Poet: Anonymous Radix Poet

  24. To the Moon we go.

    Radix Inu such wow.

    Back to Mom’s Basement.


  25. Poet: RadixUSA

  26. RadixInu is the real shit

    I've bought quite a lot of it

    And on it, I'll sit

  27. Poet: WoofSpeare

  28. Woof woof woof woof woof

    Woof woof woof woof woof woof woof

    Woof woof woof woof woof

  29. Poet:

  30. I am not a poet,

    I am not a writer,

    I just live my life,

    And I want to blow it!

    I choose to be a fighter,

    Not a housewife!

    That is why I use Radix,

    I just want that Scrypto,

    there is no dramatics,

    I´ll make it in Crypto.

    Radix Inu, my best friend,

    We are going to make a BRAND!

  31. Poet: Bazza Bitcoin

  32. I love Radix coin,
    like sitting on a park bench eating sausage rolls.

  33. Poet: Strength comes from unity

  34. Radix Inu hey hey!!! Radix Inu;
    Unlike the dog coins, it progresses steadily.
    Even it is a meme coin, it always contributes to the community.
    Gives advice. does mentoring, that's what makes radix inu different from other meme coins.

    different different, Radix inu hey! radix inu!

    The team is thin as a snowflake and they are understanding.
    This team talents are heroes of the future.
    Avoid meme coins. Do not avoid such a capable coin.

    not avoid, don't avoid Radix Inu hey! Radix Inu!

    The potential of radix inu is very high. more importantly Since it's new and unique, come on, join us community.
    Other than that, is there any coin similar to radix inu?
    I tell you, none, none!!!
    That's why buy radix inu!
    Don't miss the opportunity to join our community early and become rich!

    Welcome to, Radix Inu hey hey!!! Radix Inu!

  35. Poet: Inside

  36. Having charity,

    Happens only

    Inside Radix Inu deflationary.

  37. Poet: Fit In Radix Inu

  38. Just Because You Fit In

    Doesn't Mean You Belong There

    So, Do What Makes You Happy ?

    Radix Inu of The Last

  39. Poet: RadixDLT Brighter Star

  40. A Billion Stars Up In The Sky
    Only One Shines Brighter That I Can't Deny
    Radix Layer 1 DeFi Done Right
    A Love So Warm, A Love That Comes From Me To You

  41. Poet: Brave

  42. You Are My Moon Light

    Radix DeFi Layer One Done Right

    You Are My Start Bright

    You Made Me Brave

    You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Blue

    Please Don't Take Away My Radix Inu

  43. Poet: Go Together

  44. Colorful Balloons Held Tight

    Beautiful Kites Flying High

    Radix Defi Layer One Done Right

    My Heart Attracts On You

    You Are The Future

    Radix Inu To The Moon

    One Team

    One Spirit

    Go Together

  45. Poet: To The Moon

  46. Wellcome Scrypto !

    Radix DeFi Game Changer Has Arrived

    Flying At High Scalability

    Diving At Low Fee

    Run Own Security

    Down To Babylon

    Jump To Xi'an

    No One Can Beat You

    Radix Inu To The Moon

  47. Poet: Make Me Rich

  48. What is deflationary,
    Why DAO or why charity, don’t care ‘em Radix INU,
    Throw me the Money like artillery!

  49. Poet: TrustinRadix

  50. Today with Radix Inu, spread a little joy
    among your loved ones;
    Let go of all inhibitions and fears,
    to help through Radix those in need, near and far.

    Bring a smile to a child's face,
    For only joy, charity and gratitude have their place;
    On this day of liberation from Babylon, of forgiveness,
    Of love, laughter and happiness.

    So let us celebrate together,
    With family and friends;
    As the weather turns cold,
    And another year comes to an end.

  51. Poet: Spring

  52. Coming Elsa with crypto's winter

    Melting her heart by Babylonier

    Blooming in the Xi'an, RadixInuer

  53. Poet: Orflx

  54. longing for their roots
    soon the crypto romantics
    will find in Radix
    the sweetest fruits

  55. Poet: My Last Resort

  56. One day you will understand that I suffered a lot.
    Where are your promises, BTC, that you forgot?
    Now, this wear and tear will end,
    $INU will be the reason bringing the jackpot!

  57. Poet: the hopium

  58. gm

    Radix becomes top 1 coin

    minimum. Period

  59. Poet: INU peasant

  60. crypto
    is uncertain and bearish
    with RADIX those horror are vanished


    bear market ahead
    but radbulls dont give a shit
    until Xian we will make it


    Radix projects are sporadic
    from radixzoo to lovely DIX
    only utility and automation that spark addict


    airdrop comes
    in different shapes and forms
    creating whales and the bagholders


    the whole market is on discount
    but the community is poor enough
    begging for likes to win drop


    deflactionary, charitable and DAO
    3 keys to fulfill after ITO
    whitepaper is there, so buy now 😺


  61. Poet: Great The Radix

  62. Welcome Radix Universe

    Thanks To The Founder

    Engine V2 and Scrypto Empowered

    Has Come DeFi Game Changer

    Radix Fully DeFi Blockchain Capability

    Running On Maximum Security

    Jumping In High Scalability

    Low Gas Fee Ability

    Bright Future Is Coming

    To Take Radix Inu Going

    To The Moon … To The Moon

    No Others Can Beat

    Radix Community So Great

    As One Team – One Spirit

  63. Poet: Be My Saver, $INU

  64. All my friends thought I was cranky,
    Some say I'm a bit deflationary.
    Still, they looked at me tricky,
    As if they thought I was bags of gainfully.

    So to Radix Network Market, I decided to fare,
    In search of wealth, I was to aspire.
    While the whole market did bearish frighteningly,
    I felt that $INU could be the recovery,
    to all the problems I deny.

  65. Poet: While With $INU

  66. I'm thinking of cryptocurrency with my eyes shut.
    First, here, a slight fluctuation.
    It is slowly descending towards the butt.
    The cries of those who lost their money, far away, never let up.
    Luckily I'm with $INU, can't see anything important.

  67. Poet: Radix, The Unbeatable

  68. Radix DeFi Layer-1 Done Right.
    It Is Scrypto Powered By Engine V2.
    You Came From Olympia.
    Have Arrived In Alexandria.
    Going To Babylon And Xi'an.
    Upgrading Your Capability.
    To Become Fully DeFi.
    High Scalability.
    Maximum Security.
    Low Gas Fee.
    The Unbeatable.
    No One Catch You.
    Great Community Behind You.
    Radix Inu To The Moon And To Be Continue.

  69. Poet: The Radix

  70. Radix DeFi Layer One Done Right.
    Came From Olympia.
    Went to Alexandria.
    Run to Babylon and Xi'an.
    DeFi High Scalability.
    Own Security.
    Low Gas Fee.
    No One Catch You.
    Not Avalanche, Not Solana, Not Cardano, Not Ethereum.
    Expanding Own Ecosystem.
    Challenging The Future.
    Taking Radix Inu To The Moon.

  71. Poet: Anon Honey Radix

  72. Pleasant summertime
    then a sacred, huge bull race
    watching the honey radix

  73. Poet: Fkyshow

  74. Instantly i knew,
    My love will forever continue,
    My love for Radix Inu

  75. Poet:

  76. I found something radical..

    Eth boys told me it's a dream

    Sol girls told me it's a trap

    Still entered the Radix verse.

    And ooh ya it's radical.


    I streched the Radix chain

    It scaled like infinite train

    Then stressed it to much sprain

    But it's TPS wasted my vain


    First i met it's guardian , 3 headed doge that guards the chain

    Then i heard a meow , that was the Dex of the chain

    Someone told me about a bridge , was cerby at top of the ridge

    Got down from top of ridge , to the land which scorps Abandoned


    Samusky guided me to next place , where I found many shiny badges

    I put them in my radix collection and then i heard a woof from behind

    A inu woofed and told let's play , i walked with inu a found coins which where hoarded away


    It was late so I went and slept

    I saw a dream which woke me up .. full of colour in my day

    I realised that artists where waiting at Defi plaza .. i rushed there and saw a shekel


    Next day bigger to me radix verse and turned in to zoo .. so told Eli to save the earth

    Punks ,Rats , penguins , racoons , lads and chix

    It was like a mafia so I called my roidboiz..

    And ran into to a radixville thinking what would happen next


  77. Poet: Aero

  78. $INU waterfall is dripping wet ⛲
    Come inside and stroke my pet 🐆
    Can you handle all you'll get 🖖
    Join us now and we are set 💌

  79. Poet: RADIX AND I.

  80. Fill your bag with radix now
    or cry later
    Check the poet name for the
    Shortest love story ever

  81. Poet: DoeBoyMagic

  82. I’m the sea of red my wallet hurts,

    Instead of selling I head to church,

    That is where the lord spoke to me,

    Buy RadixInu and you shall be free,

    I sold my bitcoin at quite a loss,

    But now I own the secret sauce,

    Very soon the world shall see,

    That RadixInu was the key

  83. Poet: Dream About $INU

  84. Aren't we all tired of being penniless?
    Haven't we all fallen asleep dreaming of getting prosperous betweenwhiles?
    And now, aren't we closer to happiness,
    With the deflationary $INU?

  85. Poet: Move Around $INU

  86. to the left to left,
    Thanks to bitcoin, in my pocket nothing left,

    to the right to the right,
    I found a profitable way as the right.

    In the middle, o middle,
    $INU will make me ample.


Welcome to Radix Inu.

Stay Tuned for More.

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