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Welcome to Woof Wednesday 3!

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

50 billion tokens – 50,000,000,000 $INU – will be shared equally by all participants submitting their Twitter Like and Retweet screenshot in the form below by Wednesday, February 9, 2022, 17:59 UTC.

25 billion more $INU will be shared by all those participating in the Sticker Competition.

The community will vote over the week following the competition deadline for a further 20 billion $INU in prizes:

1st prize: 6 billion $INU

2nd prize: 5 billion $INU

3rd prize: 4 billion $INU

4th prize: 3 billion $INU

5th prize: 2 billion $INU

Max 1 sticker entry per person
1 vote per person
Participants can vote for their own sticker

Airdrop Competition Instructions:


Easy: Follow, Like and Retweet!

Follow our Twitter account, and Like and Retweet this tweet:


Take a screenshot of your like and retweet, and upload it right here:

This part of the airdrop competition is now closed for submissions.

Successful participants will share 50 billion $INU in rewards.

But wait - that's not all! When you're done with this paltry, easy peasy airdrop task, get your graphics hat on for the party in part 2 - the Sticker Competition!

Note: only ONE (1) entry is allowed per PERSON for this part of Woof Wednesday 3. Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified from this event's rewards and banned from participation in future Woof Wednesdays and other Radix Inu events.


Make a sticker? Win more $INU.

Send us a sticker that may be used in Radix Inu's future social media such as a Telegram Sticker Pack and/or other purposes for the Radix Inu Community. Radix Inu reserves the right to use your entry in any way, shape or form once you have submitted it.

There is a maximum of one sticker entry per person, and all participants will share in 25 billion $INU, which will be shared equally among all those that successfully submit an entry.

Participants can vote for their own sticker.

Sticker competition entries must be in the PNG image format with a TRANSPARENT background and in 512 x 512 pixels in size, or they may be disqualified from participation.

Sticker Competition File Requirements:
- PNG File Format

- Transparent Background

- 512 x 512 pixel size


Radix Inu Mascot for WW3 Sticker Competition

Download any of the Radix Inu Mascots above to get started! 

IMPORTANT! Your Sticker entry must be ORIGINAL CONTENT: you need to DO SOMETHING with it that is YOURS. Any copy/pasting other people’s work will result in disqualification of that entry.

This part of the airdrop competition is now closed for submissions.


Then we vote. Be in the top 5 and get...
Even more $INU!

The Community will vote for the cutest, bestest, most fashionable and most favorite of all them sticky funky stickers between Wednesday February 9th, 17:59 UTC and Wednesday February 16th, 17:59 UTC.

1st prize will take home 6 billion $INU

2nd prize will receive no less than 5 billion $INU

3rd prize gets very exactly 4 billion $INU

4th prize will honorably claim 3 billion $INU

5th prize goes home with a consolation 2 billion $INU

Check back here soon for the link to the voting form!

Welcome to Radix Inu.

Stay Tuned for Even More.